About Me

Hi! I’m Aimee, a passionate portrait and event photographer, avid runner, horse lover and poetry reader. Some of my favourite things are natural light and spring when the grass and flowers look so fresh! I believe everyone needs amazing photographs of themselves to remember how they’ve developed and capture special moments. I feel very lucky to be able to meet so many amazing people through my work.

Portraiture photography has always had a very special place in my heart. It gives me the ability to truly show someone how amazing their personality is and share that with others.

To me photography is not only a way to tell stories, capture moments, but a way to place emphasis on self love through showing people beautiful aspects of themselves that they may never notice alone. Every shoot I do has the aim to display who you really are, how you’ve grown as a person, family or a couple and the story of your relationship.

One of my favourite quotes is

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.” – Steve Jobs

Animals have been a strong aspect of my life every day since I was a young child. I love how they always love unconditionally and never question to care for us. I’ve grown up with pets all my life, so it feels natural to be around them and talk to them. I truly enjoy documenting a relationship between an animal and their owner and displaying all their little traits that make them unique.
Event photography gives me a chance to take photos of people chasing and achieving their dreams as well as moments to remember. These moments are what it is all about, the personal successes, the time you didn’t give up! Not to mention they always have such a contagious positive atmosphere.

I’ve been privileged to be an official event photographer at a number of events including a fitness expo, charity run and large equine shows including Equidays and the Continental Cars World Cup Show Jumping to name a few.

My photography journey

I first discovered my love for photography after taking photographs with my horse Tia. Then I began to experiment with my settings and developing my own style, which revolves around the use of natural light.

I enjoy continuing to learn and developing my style with more experiences. Attending photography workshops with Kelly Wilson and Tom Ang have been some highlights.

With so many photographs of the stable where Tia was I ended up producing a photography book. This was dedicated as a memorial for my old stable manager as the stable was due to be demolished. It was a perfect way to remember such a beautiful place and pay tribute to all the amazing people and horses who gathered there every day.

This project set in stone the idea that I should be a photographer, as it brought all of us so much joy. We all loved having something to look back on and remember those amazing times.




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