Frequently Asked Questions


Before Session/Preparation

How do I book?

You can book a session or an event by contacting me through aimtocapturephotography@gmail.com, the contact page on this website or messaging me through the Facebook page.

What time is best for sessions?

For sessions the best lighting is usually in the early to mid-morning or late afternoon to evening. However I can shoot at midday if really necessary if we can find some shade to diffuse the harsh sunlight.

What are your payment options?

My payment options consist of cash on the day or internet banking through the direct credit process where you place money in the Aim To Capture Photography bank account. You may have to pay a deposit to secure your photo shoot date for sessions or wedding dates.

When is the payment due?

The payment for sessions or corporate events is due on the day of the photography of that session or event. This can be completed through internet banking (direct credit) or cash on the day.

What should I do to prepare/pre-shoot?

In preparation for the shoot please do all the usual hygienic things as though you were going to an event such as wash your hair or shave. In addition to this please make sure you have your clothes prepared, any equipment, products, money (if paying in cash) put in a place to get them quickly if you are in a rush to get to the shoot on time. Basically do everything that will put you under less stress and pressure.

Location options?

I usually come to you for sessions in terms of location, especially if you’re located at a stables or barn for an equine session. All we need is a small space to take some great photographs, so even if you don’t think you have the prettiest barn we can make it work. The location changes dependent on your personality and style of the session you would like. For example if you would prefer a very summery session we may head down to a nearby beach or if you love high end modern fashion we could go for a more urban feel to the images by making the session at your local shops.

Are your sessions inside or outside based?

I tend to always lean towards outside based shoots, as I love using the natural light and the flexibility it gives to the session. However, I do sometimes shoot sessions inside homes, but not in a studio.

How early should I get there or be ready?

For portrait sessions arrive ten minutes early if we haven’t chosen your outfit/s for the session. In the case of animal shoots arrive with plenty of time to prepare your pet for the session. If I haven’t been to your location before I will need you ten minutes before the actual booked shooting time to give me a quick tour of your location or barn/stables.

What should I wear?

Firstly comfort is key. When you’re comfortable in your clothing you will always be much more confident in yourself, which is what I would like to empathize since it will bring out your personality better. Different types of sessions will require a variety of clothing choices, so there is more information under each specific session type to help you with this. Clothes shouldn’t be overly busy or have too many words on them. I also have a Pinterest account specifically for inspiration for ideas of what to wear in terms of both casual and formal outfits for all types of sessions. 

When you get in touch with me I can also give you more assistance with clothing choices.

Do you provide costumes or garments?

No, we don’t provide clothes or animal collars or halters.

What are model releases & why do I need to sign them/what does it mean when I sign them?

Model releases are pieces of paper that you sign to say that the photographer has legal copyright of all the photographs or video/content created with you in it. This means you acknowledge all the material is copyrighted and you are purchasing a license to have these images and share them accordingly. Through signing this legally binding document you agree to let Aim To Capture Photography use all the images in advertising as we choose. This advertising might go up on the website, social media sites and general paper advertising or business cards.

Can I buy a gift voucher for a shoot?

Yes! All you have to do is message me through aimtocapturephotography@gmail.com with the occasion details, amount of money you would like it for and an address to sent it to. The gift vouchers are all redeemable for sessions or weddings only (excluding event photography).

During Session

What should I bring to the shoot?

Make sure you bring a few session outfit options, any make up to do touch ups, jewellery options, yourself and your smile!

Am I allowed to bring someone with me on the shoot?

You can absolutely bring someone with you to the session, especially if they’re a great family member or friend. This is as long as they do not disrupt or obstruct the photographer. If it’s an animal shoot they must be comfortable around that pet too.

Do you postpone sessions due to rain?

I don’t postpone a session if there is light rain, but if there is thunder and lightning or it is absolutely pelting down then I will postpone the session to a later date if it is meant to be outside.

After Session

How many images do I get?

This is dependent on the session type, but normally ranges from 20 – 30 images for 1 – 2 hour shoots. The number of images you receive is detailed in the features of each session under the pricing page.

When will I get photos back?

You will receive your photographs back in approximately  4 weeks for 1-2 hour shoots. Event photographs will be up within the week of that event unless the event lasted three days or longer, which will mean galleries from each will be put up in a chronological staggered order. Wedding digital photographs will be received in approximately 8 weeks of the day of the wedding to ensure quality editing with the large quantity of photographs captured.

Am I allowed to share the photographs or post them on social media?

Of course you are allowed to share your images! If you’ve paid for the images you don’t have to give credit when you share them although it is appreciated.

Do you offer prints and canvases?

I don’t offer prints or canvases yet, but by purchasing a shoot you always buy a print license, which allows you to print the photographs in large or small scale or on canvases. I hope to offer these types of products soon, as I love people having real touchable memories to cherish.

How do I receive my photos?


If you are receiving photographs from a session then you will be given a link and a pin for your own private digital gallery, which will be how you view the session. This gives you time to decide on all the photographs you would like to download by creating a favourites list using your email and the heart icon to select favourites on pixieset (sticking to the number range from your specific session type). Once you’ve decided on your favourites send me an email to confirm your decision. Then I will create another photo set within that digital gallery where you can download digital copies all your favourite photographs.


General Event Participants or Attendees:

Participants or attendees at events can purchase images for personal usage only through the pixieset gallery from their event. You will receive a download link to all files that you have bought. Please note due to low resolution files being intended for internet use they will be purchased with a watermark on them.


Corporate/Commercial events:

If you are receiving photographs from a commercial event then you will be given a link for your own private digital gallery, which will be how you view the images. This gives you time to decide on your own accord all the photographs you would like to download for commercial use by creating a favourites list using your email and the heart icon to select favourites on pixieset. Once you’ve decided on your favourites send me an email to confirm your decision. Then I will create another digital gallery that encompasses all the commercial photographs at original high resolution for you to download with a private pin number to be shared only with the person that requested the photographs.


Participants or attendees at these events can also purchase images for personal usage only through the pixieset gallery. Please note due to low resolution files being intended for internet use they will be purchased with a watermark on them. This will be through the shopping cart icon and they will receive a link to download the files they have purchased.

Can you edit this out?

I only edit out minor blemishes or scars if really necessary, as I don’t believe in major photoshopping and believe everyone is beautiful in their own natural state.


The copyright of the images will always remain with Aim To Capture Photography therefore you must not enter any competitions using our photographs without our permission.

How much time do I have to decide on what to photographs to purchase?

I recommend you choose your favourite photographs within a week, but we have digital galleries so you can have longer to decide on the photographs.

Session Types


Do portraits have to be themed?

Portraits can have either or both casual and formal themes, be sports orientated or sponsorship based.

Clothing choices for portraits?

For casual clothing options, I would recommend jeans or denim or plain coloured leggings. For the top go with something that highlights your favourite features or is one of your favourite t-shirts or shirts in your closet that isn’t too busy or brand filled (unless you’re doing a sponsorship session). For formal attire wear something that shows off your style, that you can be confident in, is not full on with patterns and is classic. Sometimes the simpler option is the better, because I would love to focus more on you than what you are wearing.

Clothing choices for group or family sessions?

I would advise you to co-ordinate your clothing as a group, so you either all wear more faded colours and jeans for a casual shoot or you get all dressed up (men in dress pants, women in dresses or skirts).

It’s better to not have striking patterns unless the focus of the shoot is for that person to stand out amongst the rest. You could all choose to wear navy clothes and then have subtle differences to suit your own style.

For casual group sessions that are with friends I would suggest you don’t wear patterns and wear something that represents yourself as a person in that friend group. If you love active wear then go ahead and wear some leggings with a singlet! Choose comfort and co-ordination!

How to pose?

I will give you ideas and directions on the day that will help empathize your amazing personality. Generally we’ll run through some standing & sitting poses as well as close up shots and headshots. I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it very quickly!

Should I wear my hair down or up?

I think both styles can work perfectly, so go with whatever make you the most comfortable and confident within yourself. I will bring new hair ties in case of it being very windy, so we can change from having it down to up when you’re looking at the photographs or walking to a location.


Clothing ideas for owners?

All horses suit clothes that are denim, blacks and whites as a general rule. For grey or lighter coloured horses, patterns can work well in moderation.

Palomino or dun horses pair well with pastel colours or flowery patterns, whereas paint horses also work well with patterns, colour blocking and checkered shirts.

Chestnuts are stunning with blues, all shades of green and muted reds.

Black horses look lovely with both light/muted colours and bright colours, especially yellow, but don’t tend to suit overly patterned garments.

Bay horses tend to suit most colours and patterns if they’re not too busy.

For spotted horses, simple clothes with fewer patterns and no writing work best, as they don’t distract from you and your horse or pony.

Equine preparation?

I would recommend you do your usual show preparation for the session including making sure their hooves are clean.

Horse gear?

All your horse gear should be clean as though you were going to an event or show.

Should I work my horse beforehand?

Please work your horse beforehand either by riding or lunging them if you’re not doing an equine rider session or ridden portion for the session since they always have a little bit of extra energy to burn when it’s photo shoot time.

Bridle or Halter?

I recommend either having a bridle or leather halter worn by the horse, as it keeps it simple and focused on your relationship.

Horse misbehaving?

If your horse keeps putting their head down to eat grass or reaching up to eat leaves or won’t stay still, don’t worry; if you stay relaxed it’ll be fine. We’ll do lots of walking to and from me to use up some of their energy.

Pet Portraits

Owner clothing ideas & pet preparation?

If you’re the owner wear something simple, not too many patterns and I like to avoid big branded logos and too many words, as it distracts from you and your pet’s connection. Pets must be washed recently/be clean, fur brushed and have a basic collar on (for dogs).

My pet doesn’t like other animals?

We can choose a location which takes this into account, so we don’t get disrupted during the session, and prevent accidents from happening.

What do I do with my pet at the session?

Lots of tender love and care is in need with lots of patting, hugging, doing tricks and playing with their favourite toys or go fetch. We aim to make this an enjoyable experience for the pet too!


Corporate clothing?

You should wear a top you would usually conduct your job in and/or a jacket, suit or dress that you would go to a formal meeting in. This way we can really get across the fact you’re serious about what you do and act professionally for this purpose.


Do we have a consultant session with you before our actual wedding day?

Yes! I feel like it’s extremely important to be able to connect with you on a personal level, get to know your personalities and the dynamic between you two as well as other guests.

My focus is on trying to capture candid emotions on the day, therefore I need you to be comfortable with me. We can also discuss exactly who you would like in photographs and shoot lists of all the various groups you would like to be captured with after the reception. This means there is a lot of time to discuss exactly what kind of images you would like and stylistic preferences or themes to the wedding.

I will have a bunch of questions, which you can go through to make sure everything is ready to achieve results that you will cherish forever.

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