Photography Gift Guide


Here’s my 2018 photography gift guide as the holidays approach thick and fast. There are 13 ideas catered to suit a variety of budgets as gift ideas for your photography crazy friend or a professional photographer. Basically anyone who enjoys having and receiving photographs or capturing them.

  1. Presets

Presets can be a great gift for photographers: Here is a list of some of the best presets from my perspective

Embrace Nation Presets

Meridian Presets

Tribe Archipelago Presets

Carina Maiwald Presets

Tribe Red Leaf/Flint and Steel Presets

Nathaniel Gerdes Presets

Derrick Freske Presets

Dirty Boots & Messy Hair


  1. Workshops

Getting someone a learning experience with one of their inspirations can be really invaluable for their growth as a photographer. This could be one on one or in a group scenario. You find out so many wonderful new techniques and ways to shoot or compose a shot. Personally, I have been to both Tom Ang and Kelly Wilson’s photo workshops and loved the experience and meeting like-minded people. There are a few other amazing people who I believe whose workshops would be amazing to attend:

Carina Maiwald (an outstanding internationally recognized equine photographer)

Danielle Bohane (an amazing couple/wedding photographer)


  1. Camera straps or bags

You will always need a solid strap to avoid neck rubbing and a good camera bag to keep everything safe and protected from the elements. The brand Ona does a wonderful range of products mainly centered towards photographers from amateur/upcoming to professional.

Ona Camera Straps

Ona Camera Bags


  1. DIY photo gift ideas (will have a blog post coming soon about these gifts):

– Snowglobe

– Bookmarks

– Framed photo paper prints

– Photo collage framed

– Create a photographic puzzle

– Personalize a cover or case using a photograph

– Create a statement decor piece for your home





  1. Framing choices

You can find various framing options at Warehouse Stationary or at Kmart for a variety of price ranges or opt to print shots on a large canvas. I would recommend checking out the below link for good quality canvases.

Disclaimer: Only the first two images below are printed from Harvey Norman photo centre





    1. Lights – Typo has a large variety of good quality lights





  1. Practical equipment

Here are some options/ideas for equipment that a photographer or someone keen on photographs could really use or appreciate are:

  • An external hard drive (to back up photos or photos from a session)
  • An extra battery
  • A battery charger
  • A memory card
  • A pack of lens cleaning wipes


  1. Balloons (for photo sessions)

You might be thinking, why on earth is she suggesting balloons in a photography gift guide? Well, everyone remembers bopping balloons around the house when they were a child. Using balloons in a photo session can provide an extra wow factor or enjoyment for the model/client.


  1. Prisms

A lot of people love to play around with how you can enhance and capture magical or unique perspectives using these in photographs. These can create mirror images or rainbow effects when used properly.





  1. Copper pipe

For those who like to experiment with new techniques and are eager to try out ‘the ring of fire’ technique


  1. A memory jar containing folded up notes of great experiences and some 4×6 printed photographs to remember precious times. A very good sentimental option as a gift.


  1. HP Sprocket Printer (For the higher budget)

13. Photography magazines

These are amazing sources of inspiration, and a great way to appreciate or find new photographers to motivate, and encourage your creativity. Dancing with Her is not necessarily a photography magazine, but I highly recommend you check out their magazine, as it features a lot of incredible diverse women.

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