Portraits offer a real chance to express your individuality; what makes you, you. These shoots therefore are very versatile and customizable to suit your desires from the session. Let’s get together to capture what you’ve accomplished, how far you’ve come, a special time in your life (graduation portraits) or remember how you were as a person.

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A pet session is a lot of pampering and tender, love and care from patting hugging, doing tricks and playing with their favourite toys or go fetch. I aim to make this an enjoyable experience for your pet too! This session is designed to keep them engaged and enjoying the experience. Each connection between an individual and pet is formed from their own individual story. Through photographs I would love to retell your stories.

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Horses are where one of my true passions lie. After growing up owning a horse and constantly going out to the stables to ride and groom her. I believe it’s helpful to be able to understand an equine’s mind and personality as well as the relationship they have with you, as their owner or rider during a photo shoot. They really leave special hoof prints on our heart. My aim is to show you and your relationship with your horse (their specific hoof print), both of your personalities and characteristics that your horse shines for. I love displaying the bond formed between you and your equine friend.

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Event photography holds importance to me, as it allows me to catch moments of candid emotion, people chasing and achieving their dreams as well as brilliant causes. It develops on the atmosphere of the day and gives people a chance to remember special times in their lives. The purpose of this photography is to provide not only participants and volunteers event coverage, but images for promotion usage in future years or advertising (commercial license excluded in these costs). Please contact me if you would like to get event coverage that is designed to be reflective of the purpose of the event.

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This style of session is designed to specifically capture business shots or commercial photographs to be used for advertising or profiles in/for businesses. Since corporate sessions are used for advertising they require a specific type of license called a commercial license that is granted for permission to use the photographs for their intended purpose.

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