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Strait To Cape | Aim To Capture Photography

Special Announcement Time

I’ve been working on doing a photoshoot with Alex Asher from Strait to Cape  for months. We finally got to do this shoot for his campaign called Strait to Cape a few days ago. It was a real privilege to work with someone so passionate about caring for the coastline and the environment and assist him with promoting his campaign.

The message he is trying to highlight is to clean up our waterways, so our environment represents the clean pure green image that New Zealand should be like. This mean making sure we have less waste in our oceans and that our land is unpolluted. Therefore making our coast enjoyable for future generations to come. He’s fundraising for a charity he chairs called Sustainable Coastlines. This charity aims to create a better environment.

Strait To Cape | Aim To Capture Photography

His campaign involves him going on another big adventure planned for next year (2017) on the second of January. The plan is running over the rough entire length of the West Coast terrain of the North Island of New Zealand from the Cook Strait in Wellington to Cape Reinga (an amazing 1100kms- 26 marathons all at once!). He will be swimming across harbours and rivers along the way too. His goal is to run 40 – 50km a day (6 days a week) for as long as it takes to get up to the Cape.

Strait To Cape | Aim To Capture Photography

He has already run the East Coast and was looking for another adventure, so why not attempt the West Coast of the North Island?

He has been a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend you go and follow his adventure through his Facebook page.

Strait To Cape | Aim To Capture Photography

You can see more photographs from his shoot on his Facebook page. I hope you enjoyed hearing his story and if you have a campaign you would like me to shoot please email me at or contact me through this website.


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